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That Happens Often

I missed Security. He ran off with Peri and disappeared into the background.

But now he’s back.

Crashing the Wiglaf & Mordred bonding adventure. Lol. Those boys aren’t allowed to be alone. Ever. XD

Edit: Enjoy Security Grinning for a few more days. I’m taking a ‘me’ break today and going to bed early. But in other good news, I’ve been editing my book more often thanks to some new Editing software and so progress is being made. Yay! See you guys on Friday.

EDIT 2 on Friday: I AM SO SORRY. I remembered I had another performance this weekend but I forgot about the dress rehearsal. Which was at a different theatre much farther from my home. o-o;; Three hour dress rehearsal plus 30 minute drive home = exhausted Liliy. She…she’s gonna pass out and go to bed. Because the show is tomorrow and for once I don’t have a day in between. So I’m gonna sleep. And I’m definitely going to see you on Sunday. Because by then I’ll be free. :D


I only just thought of this, but shouldn’t Mordreds hair have progressed back to black even more by now?
And Wiglaf’s hair should have grown as well, right? I miss the Beowulf look he was rocking once upon a time.


They are both actively maintaining their current hairstyles. The pink grew on Mordred & Wiglaf likes his shorter hair. (Though I too miss the long hair from time to time. XD)


I hear you on that.
As with that author with BUTTs disease, who admitted that it was easier to draw short hair than long or foofy hair and to heck with the fans [he actually used much cruder language but you get my drift]


It is also easier to draw short hair – or so you’d think! Wiglaf’s Bangs cause me constant misery. They are always a pain to draw and I’ve yet to figure out why. Mordred’s hair is way more complicated, so you’d think it was him. :P


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