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That Is The Opposite

Arthur might put Wiglaf out of business instead. :P


Pray for me. My life is crazy busy from now until like mid-June and I keep procrastinating things. *internal screaming*


Edit: Good news: I’m performing with my Quartet on Memorial Day and I managed to make the four matching t-shirts in time. Bad news: I ended up using time that I was supposed to be dedicating to something else. Lol. I’ve also been very distracted lately so uh. The business continues. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday with a new strip. I’m going to go do chores and try not to get distracted. XD *waves*


Arthur, that only works if you do it in the MIDDLE of your own evil schemes, and the other villains have some interaction with your scheme. Otherwise, taking out villains, be they competition or otherwise, is just being heroic.

Honestly, just find out whether or not there’s a Villain Bank, and start one up. If they refuse to pay, or are late on even one repayment, THEN you take them out. That way you get to be a villain who takes out the competition.


Typo in second panel. I think that “This arguing this” should be “This arguing is”?
And of course I’m happy to jump on the prayer wagon any time you ask.


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