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That Job Haunts Him

So~ My muse hates me today.  Writers block was bashing me in the head with a brick up until about 11:30. When I started sketching WAM.

And while I’d love to finish and color (har har…we’ve heard this before~) I would like to get a shower and some sleep so I can wake up for Church in the..later this morning. *stares at clock*

The point is – I rather like today’s joke. Enough to not really care if it’s colored or not. I love running gags. They make the world go round. *pets Alistair* ¬†On that note, if you don’t get the last panel – you must be a new reader. :D Go read the archives. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

And so does Jim Croce. Good grief. I snatched my Dad’s copy of his 50th anniversary album and I couldn’t stop listening to him. I love that man.

OH! Before I forget – Mike hooked up my cast pages. Now you can click through with next and previous head shots from each individual cast page. It’s awesome and he set it up so it’s dynamic. XD I don’t have to mess with code if I add new cast members. Hurrah!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce


Ah Wiglaf; he’ll always be the stable boy to the older Garrott’s (and they’re employee’s, apparently). XD Horatio can stay amazingly composed, though; that’s probably good considering the sorts of things he’ll be seeing in there… XD


Heh heh. Alistair, of course, would only recognize Wiglaf as a stable boy. In his job, he probably would only have seen Wiglaf on occasion and from a fair distance while working at the Garrott estate.

Nice close-up on Wiglaf’s boots as he dashes off. XD


I smell a fight….

Oh the fanfics that’ll make…


…Stable boy Wiglaf fanfics…? Oh boy, that could be so damn hot…


Yes…yes it would….. Who’s up for it!? :$


Whoever wants to? WAM does have a fanfiction section. XD


…are you sure you’d be able to post it…? XD


She would for at least one of them. Maybe most of them, since Wiglaf and Mordred seem not to have formally met until much later.

<__> Wiglaf would definitely have remembered Mordred if something like THAT had happened.


Not to exacerbate the situation, but… who said anything about Mordred? XD


That IS the most common fan pairing that involves Wiglaf, after all.

Technically, we don’t have enough information about how Wiglaf acts around horses or any of the other characters that would definitely have been in the stable at that time. The only FFwriters who don’t feel even a little put off by the lack tend to fall into three categories, in my experience: the most stalwart; the most crack-y; the most illiterate.



i dunno, maybe with him and the butcher…or driver, should she be around, or the sisters…Ho weee….

Or THE mistress….

Heheheheee! :love:


It’s hero time…


And of course… another person who knows Wiglaf as the old stable boy… will that joke ever get old? :P


Dashing and daring, courageous and caring, Wiglaf shows that he’s really a GummiBear.
Dun-duh-DAH! Wiglaf to the rescue!

This is going to be good: Azrael is due a round defeat after skewering Wiglaf like he did. I don’t suppose there’s any chance Wiglaf will be hauling Azrael to the nearest SuperMax penitentiary. You like Azrael too much to allow that, don’t you, Liliy? Though, it would be a good way to get rid of some of the worst pestilences to society…
I almost wish I didn’t know how this was going to turn out.

Nice work with the different angles in this one!


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