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That Room Is Too Small

Ha ha. Oh, Arthur. You finally caught one of Mordred’s “In Distress” Moments. XD

Fun comes.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“As Long As You’re Mine” from Wicked


Whenever I think a scene can’t get more chaotic, it does.

What’s next? Will Wiglaf’s other father show up with an army of demons?

PS: Looks like Malachi prefers magical blasts over punches. I didn’t expect that, I thought he’d be all like “KILL RIP TEAR” so as to make him even more different from Vilhelm.


I think thats purely common sence, I wouldn’t want to get close to a person who can send few of the worlds most dangerous henchmen to hospital at ease, with a body that is not trained fighting hand to hand.


I like how Garrot Sr. tries to correct Malachi’s language. Wait, is this why Geoffy teaches Safir to swear only around Grandpa?


Apparently, BOTH twins now have chained-up pet humans. And Mordred has a chain mailled pet human.

Is anyone else seeing a disturbing trend, here? XD


I have noticed a trend with the twins to lock up the people they love and care about… they might want to talk to someone about that.


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