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That Special Sort of Love

Azrael is not having a good arc. Hopefully the next one is kinder to him.

Curse that Bliss. XD *shakes fist at it* So much trouble to draw.

…Azrael the potato sack wins all.

Um. What else? Oh yeah. Next strip is the last one for this Volume. XD That’s right. This Volume ends Mid-Story. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh – and Skarlog has volunteered to translate WaM to French. So look forward to that in the somewhat near future~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Stay Lucky” by The Gaslight Anthem


Mordred is having way too much fun, between teasing Wiglaf/Azrael and playing with Bliss. XD I’m just surprised Azrael’s concious at this point…


Poor Azrael, how much abuse must he take? At least Mordred doesn’t have a camera, that way Azrael has deniability. And are there enough extra apartments for Azrael, Grace, and the Valkyrie sisters in Mordred’s building? And only one strip left in this volume? Surely Liliy isn’t so evil she’d start a new arc without at least telling us how things turn out for poor Azrael and the Valkyrie sisters. I mean, you wouldn’t, right? :omg:


why indeed did you forget your camera? Perhaps its in
*cues dora music* Backpack
Back pack, back pack… yadda yadda yadda.

Im surprised Azzy is still alive at this point.

And mordred should so paint bliss like a basket ball and join the globtrotters! XP


Dude has survived questionably-loyal family and whatever Grace has put him through for years, his resilience has to be well above damp-tissue level and probably is much better than average-meathead level.


I do not think shoulder carry is the best way to carry someone with broken ribs, ouch. Of course as soon as Wiglaf gets 20 feet a way Azrael should feel better.


Wiglaf carrying Azrael like a sack of potatoes is hilarious. XD At least he’s gonna drop him off for medical attention. He desperately needs it.

I like the shots of Mordred playing with Bliss.


AHAHA!! :lol2: Oh Potato sack Azzy, how I love you~!! :love:
Is it just me, or is Wiggy’s pat pat pat pat looking a little south over there? (eyebrow wiggle) :P

Heehee, Mordred’s happiness at other people’s sufferring always makes me giggle! He just look so satisfied! :$
Floaty Bliss is floaty. :)


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