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That Stuff Is Hard To Clean Out

Oh Azrael you slippery little devil you. Escaping like that and getting Wiglaf all dirty.

Poor Mordred. He’s been out-shined already and Bliss has only known him for a few minutes. XD

Hmm. Wiglaf & Mordred got new profile images. XD Which is fun. B/C I got to compare them with the ones they got a few years ago when the sight started. And…yeah. Here; we’ll just take up space comparing – (But just with Wiglaf so not too much space):

Crazy right? He’s definitely changed the most. XD

But for the best I think. Just means drawing this thing three times a week is paying off in the art improvement category. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“White Horse” by Taylor Swift


haha so much blood. I have a feeling most of it is Azreal’s. Bliss is awesome by the way! I can imagine she bleeds sparkles being as bubbly as she is.
Wiglaf really has changed a lot but it’s for the better for sure.


I like the new profile pics. :) I think Sedrick needs a new one too though >_>

Yeah, he’s my favorite character… and I tend to get obsessed.

<3 Sedrick


I love Bliss. And Mordred seems to have recovered from his shock. I wonder if Wiglaf can see her?


Here’s some facts that might help you figure this out 1) Wiglaf hasn’t said anything about her, 2) she didn’t hit on Wiglaf herself yet, 3) she only made a comment to Mordred instead of saying anything to Wiglaf, 4) Bliss and Grace are supposed to be items from a set, 5) Grace–a different item from that set–only has his apparition visible to the wielder (and undead, rule-breaking individuals).
My guess is that she’s an apparition that appears to the possessor of the orb (Mordred).



Comparing the two profile pics, I see the following differences:

Wiglaf now has a tunic covering most of his chainmail shirt, the chainmail itself appears to be shininer (at least in my opinion), his belt is thinner and not all lopsided, his hair is shorter and his face more angular, he’s standing less girlishly, and apparently Camlann got a shiny new hilt at some point. o3o


So she didn’t find wiglaf attractive before he was covered in blood and guts.

This new character is getting more interesting.


Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn’t–she couldn’t be heard by anyone until a moment ago. It is interesting she thinks he’s pretty while covered in gore though.


Mordred cares! (I mean, I don’t think he’d completely ignore someone covered in blood, but he seems rather upset and concerned about Wiglaf’s wellbeing… I’m probably reading too much into it. XD)
It took me this long to notice, but Camlann is really freaking big. He’s around 2/3 Wiglaf’s height (I think), and Wiglaf’s not short or anything (how tall is he, anyways?).
Mordred, you have got to stop hanging with Mordred when there are pretty girls around. You’ll never get a date that way. :/ (though in this case, it’s probably ok… cause the pretty girl in question is a spirit in an orb. XD)


*stop hanging with Wiglaf. I can’t type, sorry. ><


Given that Camlann is most likely a hand-and-a-half or broad sword of some sort, his size in relation to Wiglaf is actually pretty standard. When blocking, a sword of that kind needs to be able to sweep an area almost the length of the body, or almost the length of the legs (or, more accurately, from posta di donna sinestra the wielder should be able to hold the hilt over her/his left shoulder and be able to swat the top of the right cheek of her/his bottom). Since Liliy puts most of her characters’ heights in their legs, that’s what she sizes Camlann to reflect.

Last I asked, Liliy said Wiglaf was between two and four inches shorter than Mordred. Can’t remember how tall Mordred is.


Typography check Liliy: Is Bliss supposed to be speaking two tildes in her last word bubble?


Yes, it was intentional. I know it’s not proper English or punctuation, but I picked it up from Japanese when they often use it to extend a syllable or draw out the word for a cute effect.

I like using it; so I do.

(And you’ve been commenting a lot lately. XD You must like this arc.)


Between work assignments these past two weeks, and I like cotton candy too (at least the way it looks). :)


Everyone loves cotton candy~

And I’m curious; do you use ‘anonymous coward’ everywhere you post, or did WaM just get lucky? I’m rather curious about the anonymity considering you haven’t posted anything that really needs to be. XD


Yeah, blood really IS difficult to clean out of chainmaille. Unless you’re using (brittle) stainless, the more you expose it to water or cleaning fluid, the duller it gets. If you use oil, it darkens perceptibly. *Cut self over six-in-one once.* *Speaks from experience.*

Unless the title actually refers to Wiglaf’s charm? That would be pretty difficult to clean out, too.

Thanks for keeping the old profile pictures on the profiles. It’s nice to be able to compare.


I suggest you use oil mixed with iron salts and give in to your dark side–be the black knight. :D


And have Mirrorverse Wiglaf running around in actuality? That’s scarier than Vader, and much scarier than Arthur Sr. The world wouldn’t survive.

…not to mention that I really wouldn’t want to get thrown in jail as the avatar he used to commit his heinous acts. Might jeopardize my next poly! ;)


It’s neat to observe how the old and new profile pictures are different. They illustrate how the character models have developed and how Liliy has perfected her art. The time spent refining the models over the course of the comic series has paid off well.

It looks like Mordred will be getting competition from Wiglaf for Bliss’ attention. Is that good or bad for Mordred? Will he resent the competition or be glad to get Bliss off his back now and then? Going further, will Wiglaf ever see Bliss? And how will he feel about her? It will be fun to see these questions answered.


I find it funny that I was just about to suggest you redraw some of the older cast pages since your art has improved since then.


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