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That Tour Should Be Scared

I mean, Wiglaf is perfect and can lift a building. What does he have to fear? And Mordred has his own secrets up his sleeve.

The tour should be as boring and uneventful as ever. :D

Edit: Guess who forgot she was in a concert this weekend on Sunday and forgot about Friday Dress Rehearsal. That ran super long ’cause we’re performing an opera this year for the Christmas concert. Lol. Me. :D I’m just gonna’…just gonna’ chill for a bit and go to bed. Three hour rehearsals are already tough, but doing something new like playing in a chamber orchestra for performers is exhausting. XD So much to do! Night guys. Wish me luck on Sunday & I’ll see you then!


Does Mordred actually do any villainy? He’s more of an adventurer/second-generation-rich-kid or is he old money?

Does Wiglaf still do as much hero work as he used to or does spending time with Mordred cut into that, because the could maybe be considered villainy (of a sort).


Mordred did small Villainy. He was evil, but he didn’t go out of his way to be so. And the Garrott family is very much old money. He’s never been poor. XD

Wiglaf does Hero Work about the same level as he did before. He’s just doin git off screen. That and he’s hanging out with most of the big threats these days. He can stop them before they start. :P


So does this mean we will FINALLY see Mordred do something other than the usual?

Also, what happened to the former artifacts and humanoid gates? Are they all resting in the hotel? Also, does Mordred own and live in it or is he using it to make money?


Wiglaf dumped the hotel somewhere behind Mordred’s apartment.

Everyone’s currently chilling in it. Lol. We’ll probably get to see them soon.


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