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Ha ha; Just in case you’re missing the joke – Azrael, Arthur and Janus all live on the same estate. XD Which is why you can hear him. Tee hee.

Ah, poor Geoffry. The Ex-CEO Business Man in him still longs for the world outside of stay at home dadness. XD *cues Mr. Mom by Lonestar*

And poor Sedrick. What a blow. XD

That last line was brought to you by OokaminoKishi. :D


“…And before I go to bed tonight,/if the dog didn’t eat the classifieds,/ I’m gonna look just one more time!/ ‘Cause:…” Great song. Poor, poor Geoffry. So he’s not even allowed to use the telephone? Do his employees know what happened to him? (Really digging his reaction to Safir’s suggestion. Cute kid, though, trying to make his Dad happy.)

That does sound like something OokaminoKishi would say. Possibly with just Sedrick’s expression, too. The worst of it is, Sedrick will have to try to teach Arthur something about the dragons while Arthur will be (possibly) crowing over the fact that he was right.


Ho ho. It looks like Arthur may do a little gloating. ^_^

Poor Geoffry. It can’t be fun at all watching his life’s work fall apart. But I like how he would rather see it end than let it fall into someone else’s hands. It shows he takes pride in what he accomplished. And kudos on Sedrick’s annoyed attitude!


I love the last panel with Sedrick. It totally rocks!! I wonder how Arthur will take this news? It’s going to be interesting seeing how that situation develops. I totally love Sedrick’s expression! ^-^


Two things that made me laugh loudly.
1: Geoffry being unwilling to let Janus’s father buy the company.
2: “Gustav you slut”.


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