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That Used To Be For Me

What was that? Color Friday’s strip? *cough* That’ll happen…sometime.

More importantly! Driver. She got today’s winning facial expression. Poor girl. *pats her*

Now, to do a flashback with Driver and Mordred younger, or to hurry and finish up this arc and get to the next one. Decisions, decisions. *ponders*

Pair-a-Thon only has a little time left! I’ve got one fic I haven’t uploaded, but for the most part it’s still just two drawings. XD We might have an ‘everyone is a winner’ event this year. Ha ha.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Our God” by Chris Tomlin


Can I make a prediction which will no doubt be false?

Ah, I’ll just go with it, Driver will try to murder Wiglaf in his sleep while in his weakened state.

Also *looks left and right* FIRST *Runs, giggling like a madman*


Don’t forget his busted arm Mordred.

I’m working on my Pair-a-Thon entries(two if I have time) I swear. But, stupid school and all…


Nah, just the collarbone. The arm itself is fine. XD


Really? derp. It’s just the way he was sort of holding his arm when he came back made me think it had been injured. Though looking back, it could just be badly bruised/sore that’s why he’s holding it.

But once the Adrenalin wears off (if it hasn’t already) he’ll be in a world of hurt.


When you injure your collarbone it really hurts to move your arm. He had been holding it to stop it from moving and probably also to take some of the pressure off his shoulder (if he is pushing it up slightly).


Another pretty touching moment between Wiglaf and Mordred. The dialogue really works well. Wiglaf probably feels partly responsible for the explosion and wants to make things right, starting with finding his family. Mordred does the right thing when he says that Wiglaf should heal his injuries first.

That definitely is a great expression for Driver in panel six. And her line “I owe tha’ varmint a lickin’” makes me laugh. Makes me think of Rogue in X-Men comics. XD


Is this the first time we’ve seen her eyes? Or eye, at least?

Why so startled, girl? It’s not like anything big is happening. One hand on the back while talking? Small change. Or is Driver startled that anything could harm Wiglaf after all this time? oO


It is my plan to do a pair-a-thon, it’s just my d rawing skills are shockingly bad. Depends how I feel =D


Even if you have truly horrifying drawing skills (which i highly doubt), you can make up for it in other areas, like creativity.
It’s better to do it and have the satisfaction of saying you did it than saying you wanted to but you didn’t.


Awww… Mordred is being kind of nice. ^-^

I’m working on my entry when I can, but I’m really busy with midterms right now. I’ll have a lot more time after midterms are over.


…I get the feeling that a kiss will soon follow. DRIVER DON’T RUN OVER JUST WAIT A SECOND THE FANS WANT SOME SERVICE.


Mordred is being nice… <3 <3 <3

I vote for Driver!Mordred flashback. Personally. I'm very fond of this arc. We get to see a Soft!Mordred which is rare.


I just caught up and I had to let you know that I love this comic. I actually went through the entire archive in just three evenings and am already contemplating rereading just to see what I might have missed.


My inner fangirl is all “EEH WIGLAF AND MORDRED 5EVER” but my heart is breaking for Driver and I’m like crying a lil.
How do I deal with all these feels?



Also, is it meant to say “SHE just zapped them somewhere else”? Is he talking about Camlann?


He’s probably talking about bliss since she’s the one who caused all the rampant destruction and he doesn’t know that Camlan is conceited enough to zap people out of harms way just so he can brag about it… although, one can forgive him a little, since he’s using abilities on his own now that many of his ‘masters’ have never even thought to ask about since he’s a talking sword and could have TOLD THEM instead of them just ignoring him… though he’s also very long winded…

hmmm.. he both is the victim and brings it on himself… anyways.. *scampers away to work on pairathon entry*


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