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That Would Be The Failure

Ha ha ha. Wish me luck. I actually have the next few strips planned out in my head for what I want to do for a change, and I’m trying to work up the energy to do it. XD

…though granted by the time you read this the next few strips will be done already and up on Patreon.

I’m never going to get used to scheduling posts. XD


I was wondering how many powers Camlann has, a number is all I’m asking. I would never be so evil as to ask for a whole list. Also, can he change his shape?

P.S.- Since he’s still made of metal will magnets stick to him?


It would be interesting to know the full extent of Camlann’s powers…
He has all those elemental spells, mass teleportation, flight, nuclear fission (as he extinguished a sun and relit it), and his vast historical knowledge and experience.
His most powerful power might be the ability to create a cup of cocoa, because it shows he has the ability to create or at least transfigure matter on an atomic level.
Camlann boasted that training in space gave him full control of his powers, but I don’t think he’s even close to utilizing them to their full potential or is even aware of their implications yet.


Oh, with the previous previous panel, I thought all three were doing something… untoward. And that Wiglaf and Mordred did something untoward regularly XD

Poor Camlann


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