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That Would Get Boring

So, one of these days I’ll learn to cut down the cast in a story arc so wrapping things up wouldn’t drag out so long.


We’ll see how things go.

If you’re curious, the picture in the last panel is a drawing of Dallas, a character I wrote for another project that remains covered in dust because I lost all interest in it. But I still love how that picture turned out.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Couch Potato” by Weird Al Yankovic


Hello, Dallas. Roger must be a kind of a cold sort if he holds that against Daisy… maybe that’s a hero family instead of a villain family. Hnaef is funny.

Hnaef managed to knock Security’s smile from his face. Security dislikes soaps that much? Wow. I think we now have a secret weapon against the guy who shows up everywhere.


I’m guessing Security’s irritation is more about the fact that Hnaef can’t keep on subject.

Or maybe he just realized how ridiculous Hnaef really is. :shocked:


That is a pretty neat picture, do you have the full version posted anywhere? I’d like to see it sometime =)

And for a second I thought you meant the television show when you said it was a ‘drawing of Dallas’. First thought was ‘…. wait what now?’ Threw me off for a few seconds ;-)

I do like the glow effects from the monitors, by the by. Very nice touch.


Nice picture of Dallas incorporated into Hnaef’s viewscreen. It’s very funny how you set up the dialogue so everyone assumes that Hnaef is referring to the chaos in the mansion and then he turns out to be talking about something else entirely. XD


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