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That Would Have Been Easy

I should just call the comic “The Adventures of the Garrott Family” and be done with it. XD

Eventually we’ll get to meet the rest of Wiglaf’s. I promise. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Ha ha, Viola the Clandestine Matchmaker. Too funny. XD

I love the last panel; Janus and Security look really cute together with their matching grins and squinted eyes. Of course, we know that Security thinks Janus is cool, so he would naturally be her buddy. :D


Also wanted to add that I like the dialogue between Viola and Horatio. With Horatio, we’re reminded again of what an idol Geoffry is to him, and we learn that Viola was trying to be a good friend to Janus in addition to getting Horatio’s attention. Cool stuff.


I imagine Geoffry feels like he’s in the eye of a maelstrom of insanity sometimes =)


Something has just occurred to me… Horatio said he tried everything to get Geoffry back. “Ransom, the police, the mob, begging’” I believe was what he said. Now, if Janus had originally only gone there to ransack the place, she probably would have taken the ransom, no?

So either this kidnap plot was a long term thing (which if so may be apparent to everyone but me!), or Viola was intercepting such offers. Hum!


Key word was “Admitted” – Let’s just Say Janus & Geoffry was love at first sight. :) I don’t think she was too keen on actually honoring the ransom. XD


I like the ambiguous “play Ludo.” And you can tell they never thought of a double date; or, more likely, never seriously considered it. XD


Geoffry has already had it with everyone’s behavior today. Security is really asking for a second black eye here :D


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