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That’ll Work Too

I like drawing Mordred’s hands. I love his rings. I still have a bag of black rings I bought ages ago so I could wear them, too. But I didn’t realize they were in bulk. So I have like 50 of the same metal ring. LOL.

Fun times.

Edit: In less fun times, lots of things are going on in my personal life. Lots of big changes. I’m very tired and trying not to be stressed. So as always, thanks for your patience and reading. I appreciate you guys a lot. :3 See you on Friday.

Edit #2: It’s Friday and the new Pokémon Game dropped. For once I’m just shamelessly taking a break to enjoy something I preordered when the title dropped. LOL. I love Pokémon. I’ll see you Sunday and let you know what I think of the game!

Edit #3: I sat down to draw (Got through half a sketch) and my tablet decided it didn’t want to work. I’m too tired to figure out why so that’s Wednesday Me’s problem. Lol. So I’m going to part with “Wish me luck this week” and I’ll see you on Wednesday. XD

Edit #4 – 11/23/22: I forgot it was Wednesday. LOL. Not only was it my last day at my current job, but the office is closed for the next two days for the holiday so it felt like a Friday all day. It’s after 10:00 p.m. now and I’m tired. Been a good day, though. Just forgot what day it is (And yes, I know. I’d be drawing Friday too but I was probably going to take a break for Thanksgiving…so I’ll just take it today instead and draw on Friday. XD;). Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you don’t celebrate, I still hope you go spend time with friends or family. :D


That’s the thing, what Wiglaf finds fun isn’t always fun for you, Mordred. Just like when he decided the best revenge was to latch onto your thigh as a “friend” and never let go. That just ruined your fun that day.

Also, Wiglaf does have those two blindspots. The first is his little sister. The second is heroic events. Either of which could throw off his ability to “perfectly find fun”.


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