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That’s a Good Feeling

Ha ha ha.

I’m really happy with today’s strip. Even if it’ll be colored later in the evening.

Gotta’ love genius, wanna-be ninja boy.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Tenth Man Down” by Nightwish


I LOVE Azrael’s comment in the final panel. And Gawain is wrong: for them, this IS normal. Scary…


I agree. Awesome. Their staff meetings must be a lot more entertaining than any one I’ve ever gone to. Hnaef is so much love. And if only poor Gawain realized how normal that really is.


Your drawings of the ceiling in panels 3 and 4 are great. The action of Hnaef falling through the ceiling is well-executed. I wonder whether there is something crucial about the upcoming staff meeting that Hnaef has to attend to and makes him dash off like that. He sure seems frenzied, so he must have a large role in these meetings.

I can’t wait to see the staff meeting. :D Sedrick, I’m certain, will be chairing. I hope we see Svafa at the meeting doing something hilariously unconventional. *Thumbs up*


i imagine Hnaef (after he fell) saying”gasp! i have been discovered”lol,im like this comic very much =D :lol:


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