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That’s How The Colors Dance

Hee. Bliss. Mordred is going to have such fun.

And somewhere Wiglaf’s senses that he’s needed are going off but can’t be heeded. Shame.

And seriously. Sunday’s strip had over 80 comments. *_* That’s crazy. Crazy awesome. But Crazy. You go Bliss.

Also. More fanart from MissEva & Bliss has a cast page. XD

…and in other news – in case you’ve been living under a rock, EE is updating again & True Magic hit 100 pages!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“You Won’t See Me Coming” by Jean-Jacques Burnel

Listen Here~ (Guess who finally got the Gankutsuou Box Set? :D)


Bliss reminds me of a cross between Boudica and Hnaef… smart and ditzy…


I’m not so sure she’s smart yet, don’t you know that you’re made out of meat, bones, blood, skin, hair, and nerves? Well, Bliss seems to know she’s made out of chalcedony.
If I had to guess by colours she’s made out of the aventurine type of it, but either that’s not the case or she doesn’t know it.


I… dont think i understand a word… for once whats chalcedony?

and why is grace so… poofy… its obnoxious.. I, for once, feel bad for mordred.


i mean… bliss… damn you you pinky poofy thing! I FEEL MY BRAIN DYING AS I READ YOU!!!!!

either that or I shouldnt be awake…


Chalcedony is a crystallized form of silicon dioxide, and if I had to guess based on colour Bliss is made of the aventurine type of it.


Yup! Because WE NEED TO KILL BLISS WITH FIRE!!! Before it’s too late! Unless of course we just nuke the site from orbit… ^^;;


My guess would be that since she is a magic nullifier that she may have a few defenses that would most likely shift into the awesome end of the scale.

aka – OH golly, somebody melted the surrounding countryside. Now are you not glad we are the best-est friends ever? *hugs*

Yes – she comes across as the huggy type – I like huggy types.

I think Grace knows this all to well since Grace never suggested trying to destroy her but instead suggested the Marianas Trench or some such very deep dark chasm to drop her into.


The next generation of evil will be Brat the mastermind with Margaret the effective second in command, and lackeys Boudica and Bliss inadvertently/inevitably bringing all of their plans to abrupt ruin. It just has to be. What other purpose for Bliss’ existence?


Since Mordred is definitely going to be annoyed by Bliss a lot of the time, there have to be some good reasons for him to keep her around despite the annoyance. Maybe he can find a good use for her power to neutralize magic. If he keeps her close by, and if he ever got Camlann back, he might finally be able to hold Camlann without being burned (and without having to listen to Camlann jabbering). Mordred might also use her to guard against any more magical dangers on his next journey.

Bliss has a lot of funny expressions throughout the panels, and Mordred looks very perplexed. XD


Very good points, there. Also, Bliss totally cancels out Grace’s buffing abilities, so Azrael will no longer be a threat.

Come to think of it, a lot of things are no longer going to be a threat while he’s got Bliss around. Hmmm.


Excellent points, Blackford. And who knows? Maybe Bliss is able to cancel magic based on what she BELIEVES is magic. Perhaps Mordred will trick her into canceling out technology sufficiently advanced, so he’ll be safe on that front, too.

Though, as regards Camlann: Is it better for Mordred’s sanity to have a bad-tempered sword he can often keep sheathed to natter at him, or an overly bubbly spirit whom he can’t shut up to natter at him constantly?

Also, what will Mordred’s effect be on Bliss’ sanity? There has to be some sort of inverse flow, here, with the extreme polarity of Mordred’s snarkiness!


Oh, your idea would be VERY exciting! Then Mordred and Bliss could probably disable any nearby hidden cameras beaming video footage to Hnaef’s computer so that Hnaef won’t be able to track them anymore! Then they can infiltrate the Garrott mansion, recover Camlann, and pilfer candy for a party! *excited about the possibilities*

As for Mordred’s sanity, it’s kind of a toss-up between Camlann and Bliss. Bliss is obviously friendlier, but she’s also much less controllable.

Maybe Bliss will end up learning from Mordred’s snarkiness and incorporate sassy snarkiness into her bubbly disposition. ^_^


OMIGOSH BLISS, THAT’S WHAT I SAID!! :lol2: Ahahaaooohhh Im a tad worried that my brain wave-length was on the same level as Bliss’s…

Mordred looks so cute in this!!! I just want to hug him!! :love:


How much you wanna bet Azrael gets in an “I told you so! I’m NOT crazy!” sometime later? That is, if Mordred a) stops thinking he’s hallucinating and b) admits to someone he’s hearing/seeing Bliss, both of which don’t seem too likely…


At this point he quite possibly trusts in Wiglaf’s heroic tendencies and commitment to his physical wellbeing enough to describe what’s going on. Then Wiglaf can use his best-at-everything talents to do research and figure out what’s up.


I think I like Bliss more with every appearance. She’s just so happy and effervescent, its delightful! And a perfect pair for Mordred =)


Panel 5 is awesome because Mordred’s expression is just great, and Bliss’s statement is hilarious. XD

I’m loving Bliss more and more with ever page. I wonder how it’s going to go over when he tries to explain this to Wiglaf.


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