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That’s Like, A Lot of Blood

I found my new favorite photoshop brush. Can you tell?

If you’re curious, Sváfa’s little smack-down in the third panel is an homage to Batman; that’s always been my favorite move from all of his appearances.

Anyway, that’s not important. But this is:


Love you lots! :D Thanks for reading WAM and making sure it gets updated!


Happy Birthday, Liliy’s Dad! Best wishes for another successful and enjoyable year!

XD Azrael’s so imbalanced. And did he just call one of the Valkyries “sweetness”? No wonder they stick with him. He leads them on terribly.


Yay for Svafa! Her smack-down is my favorite part. ^_^

Azrael’s gonna have quite a big dry-cleaning bill. XD

I love the paradox you did with Azrael. The incongruity between his love for church choir music and his lust for violence is very amusing. ^_^


Yes, yes Azrael did call Sváfa “Sweetness.” Ha ha. XD

And yes, it would be funny if he showed up to the concert covered in blood; sadly he knows better. XD


*Sighs.* One day, the Valkyries are going to wake up and realize that they don’t have to put up with the “It’s My Party”-Leslie-Gore lifestyle. Azrael won’t have much of a chance, then.

Blackford’s right: that would be a HUGE dry cleaning bill. And frequent, given Azrael’s function. Which Valkyrie has to deal with that detail?


None of them. XD The Valkyries don’t do cleaning. Ha ha. I think he just gets new uniforms. It’s the standard issue; they’ve got hundreds. :D


Blood everywhere! I love myself some bloodiness.

The fact that he loves violence so much, yet seems to enjoy singing praises to God his hilarious. XD

And Svafa has to be the best of the Valkyries.^^


I’vve got to say that the panel 3 smackdown reminded me not of Batman, but of Rafiki from the Lion King. Him smacking the hyena like that is one of the movie highlights for me.


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