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That’s Not Funny

The word balloons…I feel so dirty.

The things I do to keep my walls of text.


I love it. Mordred is fun. :D

There’s just something amusing about stringing Wiglaf along. And Mordred’s poses remind me of someone….hmmm…

Yeah. He needs a glowing left eye.


Wow. This is so much better than the strangely uncharacteristic cursing you wanted to use. I’m impressed.

Though Wiglaf grabbing Mordred is awesome in its own right, Mordred owns this comic. His dialogue is so juicy. He’s truly devious. Having bested the hero that has foiled his siblings, he’s officially lost his status as a failure. He’s a psychological genius. Oh, and his poses and expressions are made of win.

And the background color really fits the mood.


Nice job on writing another one of Mordred’s monologues. This time he’s much more calm and collected than he was previously.

The picture of Wiglaf angrily grabbing Mordred is well done–it heightens the drama of the strip.


Don’t hate the word balloons. ^_^ I think they work really well here, and they definitely help the text.

And I have to admit that I don’t like Mordred’s lengthy monologue’s, but it’s nothing personal. Any villain that wastes that much time explaining themselves is a fool.

Also: I’m totally expecting the full-page issue on Sunday… XD


Wow, just wow, and here I thought they would somehow be best friends… nope, fooled me too I guess!


This page is amazing. Suddenly everything comes into focus. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

Personally, I don’t mind all of the speech bubbles. Mordred’s choice of words more than make up for it. He sounds so villianous. I feel sorry for Wiglaf, though.


has anyone else noticed that THEY’RE TOTALLY HOLDING HANDS IN THE LAST PANEL!? :shocked: i don’t care if wiglaf is practically choking him- it counts!!!


Well duh it counts! and yes i noticed it very well…(=^.^=) and i have to say i’m quite happy about that!


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