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That’s Real Love, Right There

If anyone was disappointed about Friday’s strip, you clearly didn’t listen to my warning.

Anyway, I think my favorite part of this strip, ironically enough, is Wiglaf. He’s just so cute acting as a shield.

And by the way, Janus is not Arthur in drag. This is Arthur in Drag.


Poor Mordred… he’s terrified. ^_^; What the heck did Janus do to him?

I like the inclusion of “COWER”, it really helps emphasize his fear. XD


Janus must be pretty malevolent to frighten Mordred this much. Poor guy. What kind of “incident” does she mean?

However, Janus should watch her step — Wiglaf can become pretty scary when he wants to. We’ve seen him turn himself into a devil and threaten Arthur with severe bodily harm. I’ll bet that Wiglaf would not hesitate to do that again if Janus went too far and threatened his best friend Mordred.

Hehehe Now that would be fun to see!


Wiglaf can try but Janus is scarier. Arthur doesn’t scare Mordred at all despite everything but the mere thought of his sister getting close made him CLING to Wiglaf. I fear Wiglaf would lose the battle.


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