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The Bright Side Of This

Fun times ahead. Oh, Grace. He’s gotta’ look on the bright side of this somehow. XD

On a side note, I’m loving all the comments lately. Hearing you guys discuss meta is the best. :D


Oh my gosh, Bliss is adorable. Also, Mordred just casually holding her in his arms is hilarious :D


… I would not have thought the Mordred was strong enough to casually lift bliss like that.


Well, it’s likely that Bliss doesn’t weigh much. She’s small and slight, and Mordred isn’t as weak as he seems. (Not as strong as other members of the cast, but definitely way stronger than he looks.)


Hm, I wonder if Grace will try to undo this? He’s been resistant to this whole thing, and immortality is nice.

B-but Eclat is so cute this way!


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