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The Count Is One

Ug…I gotta stop going to bed after midnight. It’s starting to drag me down at my day job. XD Heh.

And this would all be solved if I started WAM an hour earlier. Heh.

Anyway, Driver’s dad is insanely fun to write. He’s so slack. And manly. Fear the stubble. FEAR IT.

Oh, and Today is True Magic‘s 1st/6th Birthday. You should go check out the festivities including a contest. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hey, Mr. DJ (Keep Playin’ This Song)” by The Backstreet Boys


*Laughing hard* Driver’s Pa is staggeringly funny. He’s practically brimming with brash remarks. Although this situation has to be irritating for Mordred.

Good job giving Pa a wide variety of expressions throughout the strip. His thoughts are communicated very clearly.


I just can’t wait for Arthur to see Mordred. Cus i can tell that it’s going to happen. And it’s gonna be freak-out-pallooza! Yay.


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