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The English Is For Mordred

Couldn’t help the Recessive Genes joke~  It is a valid reason for Wiglaf to not notice his parents were cheating. Heh.

Um. Rumble-Fest goes on! I made it to Round 1!!! Go me.

Pachabel Canon in D. Go listen. :D



Congratulations on Round 1, Liliy!

Linnea’s weakness for grand courtships has bought her a lovers’ war under her own roof. XD Such is the wage of passion, I guess. And Lennart seems to have plenty of that passion left. XD

Wiglaf’s line about recessive genes is hilarious and is a great way to cap off the strip.


“essay in highschool”
And I can just imagine his teacher giving him an A for it to just avoid the mess rather then try to correct him about anything.


How the hell did you not notice this, Wiglaf? XP

But then, I suppose the stableboy incident is more than proof that he ain’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer! :D


It’s kind of sweet that Linnéa loves her husband despite her cheap fling… and that he accepts this and her. Though that might be the Perfection thing going on. He’s “better” than dumping Linnéa because of some infidelity.

Besides. It pisses Lennart off something fierce that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t woo Linnéa away from her husband. =^-^=


I think it was more that Wiglaf didn’t want to believe that his mom could cheat on his dad, so he ignored the idea and assumed it was recessive genes.


Why do I think Mordred and Wiglaf are going to end up in the same situation in like, twenty years time?


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