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The Full Tour

I like to picture Lancelot running through the hallways to get this tour over with as fast as humanly possible.

I am very proud of this strip. It made me laugh and that’s all that really matters. An author needs to like their own work. Lol.

In less funny news, there will not┬ábe a strip on Sunday. My quarantine ends today, so I’ll be back at work on Monday and I can already tell I’ll want to chill/relax on Sunday night. The past two weeks haven’t been fun.

Bright side? Lancelot made me laugh and I’m going to look at it on Sunday to cheer myself up. XD

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on Wednesday!!! :D

Edit: It’s Wednesday. The 46th United States President was sworn in (I didn’t get to watch, but I snuck peeks at updates during work) and someone was out sick today. Thankfully the day was quiet, but it was still really long and a couple coworkers were stressed out. o-o;; More importantly, I know I’m stuffing envelopes tomorrow morning and that’s a very tedious, annoying job. So I’m going to bed early & we’ll say there’s no strip in honor of the Inauguration. :D Night everyone! I’ll see you on Friday.


Packaging, Boxing (which, honestly, should be a part of Packaging) and Product Testing are all classified? Why? They wouldn’t have any secrets worth anything. Particularly Boxing. Is this just Lance being annoying again?


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