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The Intermission

I promised something big, and here it is:

The Intermission - Strip 160

The Intermission - Strip 160

I have been working on this poster since September. It figures the day I planned to have it finished and posted it’d be an hour late. Ha ha. But that’s how it always works.

Because I’m nice, the full size image here in the gallery or on DA is probably big enough to be a computer desktop. However, if you really want to see every detail, pixel off, and crooked line – buy a full sized print of the poster size. :P

And oh yeah, we have our first entry for the Pair-a-Thon! You should check it out and participate. ^^ You know you want to!

Alright. Thanks for reading! Good night!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Beauty of the Beast” by Nightwish


Yes! I’ve been waiting so long to see this thing finished. XD Awesome job. ^_^ I love how you worked it into a strip; that’s really cool.


Excellent! I love this picture. :love: It’s a perfect portrait of a cast reunion. I love a lot of the details you put in: Driver grinning; Security and Boudica hitting it off; Hnaef hiding up in the rafters; and Svafa being all buddy-buddy with her sisters. Terrific work. :D


It might just be me… But the site’s background is all black. So anything said about the comic under the comic I have to highlight to see.

The comic as ALWAYS is amazing. :happy:


:argh: Waaaaah! You cut off Ainsley’s head! (in the comic) But she is awesome in the poster, right in front of the picture, just like in my heart. Should I mention that I bookmarked Driver’s pinup? Yeah, probably shouldn’t let the wife see that one. Love the strip, btw. You’re @ #3 on my fave webcomics, and may be moving up. YAY, poster!




Oh my god I just realized where the Brat is in relation to—

You. Are. Good.

*smirks* Oh dear. Right next to each other, huh.


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