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The Jelly Spud Is Sensitive

Ha ha ha ha.


Poor Boss.


And Fuxiyiya. XD


Boss… I don’t think that’s going to help. You’re going to scare the poor wittle spud and then it’ll eat you too! XD


Umm… I think Camlyn had tried the scar/tour true tactic before and it didn’t work then. But Boss might be more effective.


If Boss can teleport organs out of Fuxiyiya (or, indeed, *anybody* for that matter), then why can’t he simply teleport Wiglaf, et al., out of the spud? Or is that too easy?


He uh, already tried, that’s why he’s there in person.
He tried to have Jade pop Vilhelm back to him earlier because he was running late and hadn’t called. And Jade couldn’t do it.


Oh, it’s *Jade* who does the dirty work! I seem to have misinterpreted how their relationship works. Okay, I get it now. My mistake. Apologies all around.


I find it really cool how you use Fuxiyiya’s tentacles to add to her body language, in the third panel especially. You manage to convey anxiety and hesitation, as well as stubbornness and annoyance. It gives her real presence, the way she fills the whole panel.


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