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The Moat Dragon’s Name Is Al

Not on the top of my game today. XD Between drawing actual scenery *shivers* and having my cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk (got my wisdom teeth out) I’ve felt like doing nothing but sleeping.

And I apparently finally found time to sit down and watch the three matrix movies for the first time. Hugo Weaving how I adore you. *hugs Agent Smith*

“Hello Mr. Anderson.” *swoon*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Psalm 42″ (From the album “Our Great God” by Community Bible Church)


how come the parents are letting the twins live in the mansion? if they are freeloaders, they should kick them out of the house (assuming the garrotts are evil)


What, and lose the chance to see their adorable little grandson?

<.< Not to mention how amusing it is when Arthur and Janus fight? Madam Garrott must get SOME sort of a kick out of watching them argue all the time!


Nice artwork for the manor, Liliy. I’m getting flashbacks from the mansions I saw in Rhode Island last year. I like the curly, stylized gates, and I also like the texture you used for the front lawn. The water dragon is a great touch. :D

And it definitely makes sense that the twins get no say in the decor. That’s the price they pay for free leisure. XD


Horatio, don’t be silly! Not to mention, even villainous hideouts don’t have to look evil. That would draw too much attention!

The Garrotts should take some tips from Miguelito Loveless. His evil hideouts never looked evil. They were classy, light-hearted, and so very NOT evil looking.A charity hospital, a college, a tastefully decorated Victorian-era mansion…in light colors with roses and songbirds and a koi pond. Then again, he didn’t seem evil at first, either. Short, balding, lover of music, lover of singing, birds, books….see? The perfect villains don’t LOOK evil! (I AM talking the classic Miguelito Loveless, of course, not the one from the movie with Will Smith. Not that he wasn’t cool, he just has nothing on the classic villain.)


I do hope Madame Garrott has gardeners and groundskeepers. Even just the rose/azalea bushes around the outside would be rotten to keep trimmed and weeded year round in one of those black dresses of hers.

Cute idea, with the crenelations, Liliy!


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