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The Motive Is Always Selfish

It’s nice to see people invested in this arc. XD WaM lost a huge chunk of readers thanks to the Sedrick take-over thing (plus or minus 200/300 regulars?) so it’s nice to see the numbers steadily coming back~

Not that it really matters in the end. My readers are all awesome come or go~


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Down In New Orleans (Finale)” sung by Anika Noni Rose (Princess Tiana)


wow. Way to tie everything back in together. I wonder who “they” are…

so would Mordred’s artifact be an orange scarf? Or a hot pink one? :P


When I asked liliy the other day in the stream what item Artefact!Mordred would be, she said a book.


Romance novel was going to be my other (equally joking) guess. XD

…for that matter, does this mean he has to change his name to something like “Ennui”? Or “Chagrin”?


It couldn’t be a scarf because that would eventually erode or get ripped up. It seems like they have to be metal or some hard substance.


I’m not sure they thought this through enough, do you really want an artefact mordred??? can you imagine the carnage that would follow?


Mordred carnage or…..
Arthur finding out, dragons being brought out, Janus getting involved, Wiglaf actually going nuts and maiming things,Driver getting pissed, Lancelot getting upset….

Oh wait, where’s Bliss?! Oh god if she finds out….O.o GET INTO THE SHELTER FOR EXPLODEY THINGS!


It’s somehow not surprising – yet still took me by surprise – that Wiglaf’s dad is by far the most evil character. It’s always the quiet ones.


It is the universally known fact that the devil sold his essence to the bureaucracy, since he realized even HIM was puny compared to that level of pure malicious evil :D


Better to rule in hell then serve in heaven.


No, it’s even more evil than that. A bureaucracy is the perfect trap: everyone gets the illusion of power, but nobody has any in reality. So everyone wastes their time waging petty wars over imaginary goals and nonexistent victories, their view so narrow and their sight so dim that they can never break free.


So how old is Vilhelm, anyway? If he made the artifacts that would make him hundreds, if not thousands, of years old!


Vilhelm brings all the readers back in the yard!

And what is this am I hearing with Mordred being an artefact :O!!!

Curiouser and curiouser I say, but if anything I’d definitely like to see the dominoes happen hahaha!


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