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The Next New Design Trend

I just wanted to draw the dress again. I didn’t get to include the skirt last time. XD

Camlann is being sassy btw. His fashion taste isn’t THAT bad. You have proof in the form of that lovely hotel he created. :D

Edit: Sunday’s WaM’ll be up a little late. I wasn’t feeling good so I went to bed early (also writer’s block – I’m still figuring out where I want this arc to go. This is what I get for writing on the fly…)

Edit 2 1/21: I couldn’t get my computer to stay on and I just realized the box in my new machine has a much smaller hard drive than the external one that I’m using (and that is failing). Long story short I need to buy a new one tomorrow before I can get anything done. Oops. It worked out, anyway, ’cause I’m still not feeling great. I don’t think I’m getting sick again, but I’m definitely kinda drained. We’ll see how things go, but hopefully we’ll be back up and running on Wednesday. Thanks again for your patience.

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