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The Only Way To Travel

Blah Blah Blah, WaM’s going to be late. Hey look~ It’s in color.

Go look at the Halloween Special I spent the afternoon on while you wait. =D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley


Ah Security; he’s just full ‘o tricks. XD Hnæf should be happy; he was about to get strung up. Does make you wonder how they’re going to get back, though. XD


By plane of course! After all, they do have access to vast ammounts of money, not to mention lackeys, & a small army of loyal followers are just within the reach of a phone… Although I suppose that Travel by large, Fire-breathing, reptile, that one would classify as a dragon, isn’t far out of reach either!


if i were to give him an unofficial name it would be Merlin, because lets face it……. Security is pure win and magic.


We’ve been Rickrolled! :shocked:
On another note, why Paris?


I have a question!
Liliy, do you have a reason for Security’s powers of being everywhere at once, or is it just an ongoing joke? (Really, I don’t care if it’s one or the other, but the first one means we get to find out why right? Right? :D)


Reason is that it saves money having a single Security guard that can do that as opposed to having a whole squad that can be bested by one person (well, maybe not in this comic, heheh).


Security is just so awesome that time and space bend to his whim. Also, that Halloween special is spectacular. ^_^


“….love and devotion.” *Waves flags.* Hurrah for running gags and in-jokes between characters.

So that’s Arthur out of the way, Hnaef off the hook, and Wiglaf/Ricky/Azrael otherwise occupied, leaving Horatio free to seek out his boss. Well done, Liliy, especially in employing your resident deus-ex-machina for sarcastically humorous purposes. :D

The only question that now preys is, “What horrendously dastardly action can Sedrick and Arthur come up with to commit in France?”


I have a few ideas, but to mention them would be to dive in to the deepest parts of the gutter. xD Let’s say that somethings are just better left unsaid, lol.

Meanwhile, I shall go distract myself again with the awesomeness of that Halloween Pin Up special. And fangirl all over the place. xDDD


Hey, now we know Security’s teleportation power is transferable! XD Cool stuff.

Hnaef can feel relieved that the pressure is off him now. I wonder how Arthur and Sedrick are going to get home. Maybe they can eat some croissants at a Paris bakery while they mull over their strange situation.

Sedrick has to fall back on “love and devotion” again with this new bad news. XD


Waitaminute, Security… he just- hold on a sec. They’re in France now. 0_0 I guess, though, they live in England, so it’s not as far as I’m imagining…

I think I need a nap too.


It appears Hnaef now owes Security a rather large favor!

Gotta love the security!


“We’ve known each other,
For so looonnng…
You’re heart’s been achin’ but,
You’re to shy to say it.
I think we both know what’s been,
Going ooooonnnnnn.
We know the game and we’re,
Gonna play it!” :P


Long time reader, first time poster, blah, blah, blah…

Okay, so I’m old and I’m tired so I think I missed something… Is Security thanking him for making Hnaef indebted to him?


OH HOLY FLAMING CHOCOLATE LAVA CHEESEMONKEY NACHO IDOLS, IT HAPPENED AGAIN! I got Rick Roll’d again….awgh…..*hits head against desk repeatedly* I hate it when that happens….

Oh, if I could travel with Security like that, well….that unpleasantness that occured this summer that resulted in me going into a full breakdown at the San Antonio airport never would have happened. Planes are nice, but the rescheduling ISN’T. Long flights also suck. So….please, let me fly with you, Security? *begs*

….That sounded really suggestive somehow…


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