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The Rain Will Get The Credit

This is an hour late, but I powered through and got it done. So go me! *Strikes a pose*

For real though, we were short a person at work because they had something pop up unexpectedly and that makes for a long day on a Friday. o_o; I was beat when I got home and ended up chilling more than I should have. XD

I love Hagen. Also this is a shout out to all the rain we’ve been getting. So much rain. o_o Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Edit: I have confetti nail polish. I need you all to know that. In other news, I was in an outdoor concert this afternoon (we got to play Pirate music!) and D&D ran long. Add those together and you have a tired Liliy with a very sore back. XD I’m going to bed because I already know work tomorrow is going to be crazy. >.>; I’ll see you Wednesday!


Whaaaat? Are you kidding me? Do it in the rain! Between people not knowing how to drive in the rain, worse visibility because of the rain, and traction being crap (again because of the rain), you’ll probably get, like, triple the damage.


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