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The Trio Decides

The Main Trio returns.

My first babies. Three of my characters that have been with me for over ten years. *sniff* I love them. I don’t do them justice some days, but they are still my babies that I can call my own.

Security should also be there, but he’s not a part of the Trio. The Quartet, yes. Trio, no. Lol.

To everyone who has Labor Day off: I hope you enjoy your break!

To everyone stuck working on Labor Day: I hope that your customers are kind and that it passes by quick!

Edit: There is an awesome thunderstorm outside, I’m chilling with my video games, and I’m in a good mood. I think I’m going to take that good mood + my writer’s block and call it a good night for relaxing. XD I’ll see you guys with a new strip on Friday. :3

Edit2: I think I caught a stomach bug. Moving is not fun. It’s only 9:00 and I’m ready to pass out. I’m going to try and sleep this off and hope tomorrow is better. o-o;;; See you on Sunday!

Edit3 (9/12/21): Good news: Stomach bug passed on Saturday morning. Whatever it was, I slept off. It took 12 hours but I did it. Lol. Good and bad news: D&D ran extra long because it was epic (half the party died lol), but also meant I kinda didn’t have time to draw. >.>; (Also don’t know what to draw. XD). So I will see you guys on Wednesday and I’m sorry for another missed strip. Wednesday for sure. o-o


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