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The Usual Back and Forth

When all else fails, use the puppy dog eyes.

And yes, Sunday’s strip is up late but I finished it. o-o I did it. Yay for me!

*goes to sleep*

Edit: Work is crazy busy. I’m tired. I’m taking Wednesday off in honor of the Forth of July tomorrow. Plus it’s like 11 pm and I haven’t started a thing. I’m going to bed and  I’ll see you on Friday. 

Edit #2: It is Friday. I am here. I am also…going to bed. So work was nuts trying to play catch up from the holiday and even though I got off early, I ended up crashing a bit when I got home and then I binge watched Aggressive Retsuko’s second season with my brother. Then I zoned out. And now we’re here. Falling asleep. WaM will be up again on Sunday. 0-o Hopefully with a  drawing stream! I’ll see you then. 

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