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The Violence Has Been Censored

Feel bad for that Jelly Spud.

I know I do.

Sort of.

Anyway. Everyone enjoying the comics being up on time regularly!? I know I am. Even if I never make any of my Donation Goals, this tiny stress relief has been worth the entire thing. o_o

*throws confetti everywhere* So thanks again to everyone who’s supporting me on Patreon! :D


What the heck is he doing to that jelly spud?
Because it doesn’t seem to be working.
Maybe he should tone *up* the violence a little.



You know, I’m curious. Can Fuxiyiya really make good on that threat?

It would take serious power, but you never know with aliens.


Somehow I highly doubt that since said alien did crash and has no way off the planet at the moment whilst out “Metal Man” has no such limitations.


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