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There Could Be More

Oh Bliss. You have no shame.

Mordred isn’t impressed either.

La la la. Um. I have no idea what to talk about anymore. XD So we’ll just stick in the standard Thank-you for reading and commenting because it makes my day and makes me want to draw more~

(The ego loves attention.)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Separate Ways” by Journey


He has hurt the Bliss. Camlann Must Die!!!
Preferably in painful manner.

yours homicidally,


Aww, poor Bliss…

Eclat should probably go to a mental institution. His phobia of the female gender, along with the whole “bringing inanimate objects to life” thing, cannot be considered sane.


Aaand now I’m picturing him brining silicon breasts to life to freak women out while cackling insanely.

It is not a pretty happy picture. T.T

Good thing I still think he’s funny.


*wanders in*


great comic, already read the archives, and I have been lurking so ill just feed ur ego and leave

*feeds ego and leaves*


“Ego”??? I thought you said “Eagle”. Darn. *sneaks away to return trout to stream*


I believe we all need to feed the creature known as Ego as much as we can. Ergo, we ergonomically need ergometers to egoistically measure the ergotisms and egocentricities of Lily’s ego. x_x :X :lol2:


Mordred in a strip club would be interesting…he probably wouldn’t blink.


If Mordred went in ,Wiglaf would follow and put the dancers out of business. It’s probably happened before.


If I remember correctly they were short of cash after being castaways in South America and someone did some fund raising. :D


Pay extra for pictures, they’da made a small fortune, on Wiglaf. I imagine they would have to find a very specific type of person (Driver) to pay for Mordred.


Ouch, poor Bliss. I hope that orb comes with a repair warrantee. I like Mordred’s utter passivity here in the face of the undraping of a female’s clothes. XD And Eclat is more than a little unhinged. XD


Read through the archives twice, posted saying I love this webcomic so, so much.

My job here is done. Now back to lurking.


Poor Bliss! *Hug-snuggle* :(

Camlann, you is gonna be melted down and brought back to life as fifty tin openers and an ornamental door knocker grrrr :X badboy


(too much diet coke, not enough sleep, hence weird post. oops :happy: )


Tin openers and a door knocker?
I would have gone with the ornamental boot scrapper and a series of ice-cream cart bells but the door knocker is still good. As for the tin openers, make it for catfood and you have yourself a deal. :happy:


Does Bliss in the second panel remind anyone of Safir’s eyes when looking at Horatio? XDDD



I love Mordred’s bored expression in panel #4.
Also, the last panel gets me every time, no matter how many times I read it.


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