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There’s That Down Hill

Will color later. Been so unmotivated lately. XD Lucky I managed to get inks & dialogue on there.

Anyway. Ha ha. Malachi doesn’t like Wiglaf. *Snicker*

Um. Craziness still around? I dunno.

In other news, the Digital Only Ame-Comi comic series DC is putting out is great. Love it.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Deliver Us” from Prince of Egypt


Wiglaf is going to be so depressed until he realizes what’s going on.

And Mordred? Are you…are you being defensive? Over Wiglaf? Oh my. 8D


Okay even without color (at this point), Wiglaf’s face in the third to last panel is just…..ugh, it breaks my heart. Coupled with the whole “…Pappa?” thing, it’s even worse.


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