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They Already Left

I think of all the characters in WaM, Driver’s design has changed the most. Usually I’m not totally happy with how I draw her, but today? Today she looks awesome.

This is the happiest I’ve been drawing her new hairstyle in ages. XD Bask in it.


Thanks for reading everyone! Let’s hope this work week is chill. o-o

Edit: Week is not chill. I’m sick. Left work early because I felt lousy. So now I have a ginger ale and a book and plan to do nothing but sleep and read, hoping I’m better for Thursday. Night, guys!

Edit 2: Hey guys! I’m feeling better. I slept from like noon until 7:30 the next day and got over whatever day cold I had. Still, Thursday was busy and Friday was, too and now I’m just…taking a “me” night. I’m gonna’ read some books and do some chill stuff. XD I encourage you all to take a break too, if you can. :D *hugs everyone* I’ll see you Sunday.


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