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They Are Basically Together

I ship them as much as some of you guys do, I imagine. And Gawain is the perfect boy to stand up to her parents. :D

In other news, it’s Easter Week and I’m going to be basically busy every single night this week all through Next Sunday. I’m already tired just thinking about it. XD; I hopefully will have WaM up on Wednesday, but it might be hit or miss on Friday and Sunday. We’ll see when we get there. o_o

Edit: We got there! And what was going to be a free Wednesday ended up being an all evening affair. Lol. So yes, busy every day this week. I think I’m just going to call it a mini-vacation for Easter and skip both Wed. and Friday’s strips. I will be back on Sunday, though, because funny enough Easter Day itself is pretty free (D&D Night was canceled for the holiday). I hope everyone enjoys the break and I’ll see you then!

(And thanks to everyone who pointed out the speech bubble error!)


Uh, in the second panel the speech bubble makes it look like Gawain is talking at first, even though context suggests that bboth bits are from Hagen.


I don’t know if he’s actually that good at standing up to her parents, but if he falls to pieces, it isn’t all that bad at least.


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