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They Did Tell Them

The Signs that is. They did tell them. They were just misleading.

But really, I’ve been mean to Azrael I think. Or not. Either way it’s fun. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

*yawn* So tired. XD

Some new fanart too! This time fro MissEva!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“American Pie” by Don McLean



I always, always, always love the punchlines of these comics. They just come out of nowhere. You’re calmly reading a comic, expecting something simple and yet hilarious, and then…. WAM. It gets you every time. x3

….(And yes, that pun was intended. You may now kill me for it.)


@DragonDancer because Zy is lazy: Kill you for it? I thought it was amusing. Which might be because I’m headed for bed, but eh. XD

I also really love how you seem to come from left field.

Except I expected this one. O.o; Somehow. I’m not sure how, but I rather did.


…Didn’t see that one coming, but somehow I didn’t think it’d be that easy, either…

Was Hnaef wrong or just messing with them, I wonder?


Oh no, who got there first?
Thanks to his hero skills it’s with Wiglaf and Mordred already, isn’t it?


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