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They Go Way Back

Ug. Behind on a ton of stuff, stressed & feeling under the weather.

Trying desperately not to complain about it (and obviously failing as I type it right now).


The point: Color later. Probably Saturday.

Edit: No excuses, I’m just tired and wasn’t up to drawing. WaM’ll be up Sunday night. Thanks for your endless patience. I really do appreciate it.

“Rocko’s Modern Life! Rocko’s Modern Life.”

The Theme to Rocko’s Modern Life is now stuck in your head. As it is mine.


So, does that mean that Vilhelm can see Grace while possessed by Malachi? I mean, I assume he can see what’s going on while he’s possessed, he just isn’t in control of his body.


wait is it colored yet or is it uncolored with the background spilling over the details? i cant tell anyways keep up the good work lily i love the comic so far :)


I would say it’s just the inks and the background going by this comment of hers-
The point: Color later. Probably Saturday.

She hasn’t added the colour in yet.


60 pages of keep-up? Fine by me. :D

Um… so yeah, too much to comment on; everything is going awesomely, and I’m loving where the plot (seems) to be heading.

(Also, it may be egotistical of me to assume you remember me, but it’s projectdaemon under a new alias; I’ve been caught up in nothing but video games and ponies lately [which I hear you may just be a fan of], and kind of neglected this comic.)


I just loved seeing Azzie still say “my beloved Grace” after getting to angry with him before ^w^

Also, Wiglaf needs more therapy.


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