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They Have The Time

They should go to a local tourist spot! Something close to home to cut down all that travel time.

Maybe the boys will even go out alone. XD

Edit: Ahhh….headache. Also Work’s been kinda nuts this week. o-o; A bunch of stuff is over, but now there’s more gearing up and a lot of it got dropped last minute. Ugggg. Gonna’ go to bed early and enjoy friend-time tomorrow. (And in other news, I’ve seen Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus like three times and it’s been great every time. OH my gosh. Invader Zim, how I love you and Dib Membrane.) I’ll see you guys on Friday!!


Woo! Vacation time! I’m sure nothing nefarious will happen! There will be no surprise villains, no sudden encounters with another magic gate, no aliens, no one coming to arrest Security, nosirree, this will be a great time to relax! (Imagine they actually do that and we get 30 pages of pure vacation fluff.)


How many vacations do they go on and how do they aford the expenses?


Mordred is independently wealthy. He can go wherever he wants. XD


How is he wealthy and why didn’t he use said wealth when Sedrick took over to get plane tickets? …. he’s plannin’ something big if he’s got that much wealth to use and if he’s managed to hide it from Lackey.

Or does Mordred write romance novels as under a false identity and doesn’t want anyone to know?


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