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They Love Flying

No worries. Our two groups will be colliding eventually. And then the fun will begin.


Oh, I’m totally at Katsucon this weekend. I’ve decided to just wear my generic renaissance outfit I wore to Nekocon all weekend. So you might spot me. Maybe. I’ll probably be hanging around the Tamuran booth when I’m not at the AMV’s or in the Anime TV Room. XD

Either way. YAY!!!! Katsucon. Katsucon. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed” -Hymn


:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol: :lol: Security does Mordred’s nails. OMG Mordresd getshis nails done how unmanly of him


Wiglaf mentioned it back on their trip to Peru when they got stranded here-

He said, ‘we could always call that weird guy that does your nails-the one with the yellow arm-’(and Mordred cut him off here, but we all know who he was talking about)

Also, since we can Bliss’ orb, shouldn’t she be credited in the tags as well?


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think this is your first comment here. Surely you’ve noticed that some of the males in this comic are not quite… virile examples of machismo-fixated, heterosexually-certain masculinity.


BEST. THREAT. EVER!!! :lol2: I laughed so hard.


Uh, hmm… perhaps you’re unclear on the purpose of a threat. They’re supposed to intimidate someone else into giving you what you want and getting out of your way. He’s back-talking so even if it is still an effective one (somehow) I wouldn’t rate this as the best threat.

A better threat might have been to make Security have to bring the polish instead of Mordred providing it. Maybe instead that he’d whine and pout about it to his twin siblings (whoops, that one is actually scary).


Oh, I understand the concept of a threat. To tell someone that you’re going to do something to them/a loved one, or to that you’re going to deny that person something if that person does not comply with your wishes.

Most villains would not be able to say Mordred’s threat with a straight face. And it would seem that Mordred really does have a good grasp of what others need/desire. He’s just not good with really evil follow through of said info.

So Maybe Security has a nail fetish or a dream to be a nail salon guy, or maybe I read too much into his pause, “…”, before he answered.:happy: :$

Anyway, I still stand by my first post, because anything that even resembles a threat, even such a lame one, that makes Security, a guy who can literally be anywhere in seconds, think a second before replying , must be The. Best. Threat. Ever. :P


“It’s hard to threaten Security at all so Mordred managing to make him pause was a victory,” is your point? You may be right about the relativity of it all but he’s still not shaking with fear.


I gotta say, after seeing Azrael act like this I’m almost expecting him to break out the soundproofed white van and offers of free candy the next time we see him with Ben.
Poor Ben, if he only understood how much he has victim scrawled on his forehead, maybe with a …different word in front of it.


Ugh. Curse you Americans and your cons. The only ones we have around here are the ones in Toronto, and that’s at least an hour and a half drive away. I realize that is hardly anything to what some people do to get to a con, but when it’s a con that is full of comic artists that I’ve never heard of…
can’t there, just once, be a con where at least one of my fav webcomic artists goes?

Anyway, enough ranting. Time to go laugh at Mordred’s lame but silly threat.


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