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They Match Now

Driver actually does look cute. I like it more than I thought I would. LOL. This might be a pink hair situation with Mordred where I ended up liking the change and keeping it.

We’ll have to see. :P

Edit: Enjoy the green for a few more days. Monday & Tuesday weren’t great. Wednesday I’m tired. I’m gonna crochet a hat and pass out later. XD See you Friday!

Edit 2: The short version is I was at Quartet practice and thought we’d be done by eight but I just got home and it’s after ten. Time to collapse. I’m sorry. I’ll see you on Sunday. *snoozes*


I like the color, surprisingly suits her.

Although, what are the chances that people will start realizing she’s a girl just because she has green hair now? And will she shave one side while leaving the other long if Camlaan doesn’t change it back to blonde? I’ve been seeing that hairstyle quite a bit as of late.


I’m not a huge fan of undercuts, so I doubt Driver goes that route. Lol.

I think she’d still get mistaken for a boy. The low voice is as much of an issue as her masculine style. XD


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