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They Should Lie

Oh lookie…something actually posted on time. XD

So yeah…had to leave work early due to power outages. Normally this would be a good thing but we had two jobs due out today that I couldn’t work on and will have to make up tomorrow morning. Add in the weather and I basically had no motivation to do anything… D:

That’s not really an excuse considering I had more free time than usual but I was reading fanfiction. :happy:

I’m not sorry. *twitch* I’m addicted.

I wonder if there’s a fanfiction readers anonymous…not that I’d join. :P

And I seem to remember I have emoticons. :B

Whee~~ I’m so out of it today. XD

Edit: Hey look! Color. :D And I just realized it was Friday the 13th. Heh.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Sound of Madness” by Shinedown


hm. I had no idea Hagen was quite THAT awesome… in other people’s eyes, I mean. She’s always that awesome in my world.

I think Gawain should be a little bit scared right now.


This page is so much fun :D Mordred’s bitter comments make me laugh.

I particularly like everyone bunched together in the last panel. Mr. Garrot has me totally convinced he was once a great villain. The potential is still there, no doubt. (Don’t want to insult a guy like that. D: )


Oh, you have no idea how much seeing Wiglaf’s spine in a Garrott hand would make me. :sly: ^_^

Last panel was GREAT. XD “Can someone explain why four of the family’s top agent’s are destroying the lobby?”

“Good job everyone! GJ! Gj, man gj!”


Even master villains can be generous. ^_^ Mr. Garrott certainly has ruthlessness and elegance down to an art. And Mordred is once again irate that Wiglaf is upstaging him, this time in front of his own father. XD

I love the last panel. The confused expressions on all of the Garrott employees are very amusing.


Mr. Garrott is officially awesome. It was suspected before, but now its official!

It does look like the end of our rescue quest for our intrepid heroes, though. Wonder how this is going to turn out!


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