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They Thought The Glow Held It Up

*gasp* The Orb sucked all the glowy stuff inside! XD Random fact: Non-glowing orb color is the same as the glow high lights.

Yes, this is the first time Bliss has turned her power off. Think on that for a while. XD

Also. Pair-A-Thon. You know you want to.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner


….She’s never tried it before?
If she can, then why hasn’t she?
…or it hasn’t occurred to her.


I have known many people to use tools in certain way never realizing that there are other ways to use the same tool or other applications of the tool.

I have even known people to actually fight me on my knowledge. Claiming that what I was going to do was impossible or stupid. Then grudgingly admitting later that they do not know everything even if they used the said tool for years.


I wonder what Camlann would look like if he had a spirit form like Bliss and Grace?


I’d imagine something related to the King Arthur legends, as “Camlann” reminds me of Excalibur.


Actually…he looks a little more like an 80′s David Bowie. XD Human Form Already Designed Here!


When is part 2 of Wiglaf vs. Squirrel coming out. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know what happens next.


i’m not sure how magic items work here. but from my information they either draw on the energy of the user, have a set stored amount of energy, or have a maximum amount of energy that they regenerate towards.
Bliss does not use her masters energy, she nullified Grace and others for some time with out a master, bliss either has an infinite amount of energy, regenerates energy faster than she uses it, or magic items work differently here than i understand. that last one is rather likely but not as cool.


Heh heh, it’s funny how even Bliss doesn’t know what happens when her power is turned off. But then again we should really expect that. Also funny how the orb stops glowing but stays floating.


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