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They Will Hang Out


Or what’s left of it. Lol. Even though my new schedule of uploading before the day ends is much better, it does mean I don’t get to do holiday stuff on time either. Lol. Ah well.

*hugs my boys and their green hair*

Edit: Week’s been uh…it’s been a thing. Today was okay but tiring. I’m going to take it easy and get back to you guys on Friday. XD Wish me luck, too. I’ve got a dress rehearsal tomorrow and a concert on Sunday. Lol. Gotta prepare for that! (I’m in a local orchestra. XD)


The green hair has me wondering, are you going to have plushies of the main cast made based on their different looks from over the years?


Man, that would be awesome. But no, sadly I have no merchandise plans outside of what I sell on Zazzle. XD


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