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They Will Make A Plan

Sedrick’s patience is once again tested, but I’m sure he’ll control himself better this time around.

I’m sure of it.



Edit: Hey, guys. There won’t be a strip today (Sunday, the 30th). I want to say it’s for taking a break for New Years, but honestly I’m just super frazzled and not feeling good. So I’m going to sit and work on some other things and relax. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday in 2019!

Edit 2 (Wednesday, Jan 2): Oh my gosh. So, I ended up hanging out with a friend longer than planned (and then got distracted working on something else) and before I knew it was after 11:30 and I literally can no longer to stay up past midnight. I can’t. My goal for this year is to get onto a proper sleep schedule & it is going to happen this year so help me. 

The holidays are over now, though, and I don’t see anything getting in the way of a strip on Friday. I even know what I’m going to draw! :D I’ll see you guys then. <3


How about a woman to give you an heir. I’m sure mommy dearest would love to have atleast one more grandchild if not more.


….get new dragons. Steal some baby dragons or dragon eggs. Something like that. I mean, come ON! Either that or admit you’re not a villain. Mordred’s already having to come to grips with that, you might as well, too.


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