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They Will Regret Making Him Do Chores

I decided to throw any ideas I had for the next arc out the window and go back to one that never got into the story even though I planned for it much earlier.

But so is the life of writing on the fly. We got cannibal bosses and crazy Sedrick instead for a while.

Now you get Mordred’s dog.

And it is a dog. The first person to call it a cat (I’m looking at you, IcyPheonix) will have…glares sent in their direction. Yeah. Glaring.

Edit: Silent glares at all of you. Everyone gets punished for the cat comments! *silent glaring* Grrr.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Nemo’s Egg”

Otherwise none as the Main Title of Finding Nemo. Listen. Cry. Love it.


Weeeeeeell….. at first I thought it was a cat as it was positoined like a sleepin’ cat in the first panel but after you said it was a dog I went back and in the third panel it does look like a dog cause I can see his(or her)muzzle. The others just don’t show it. But I adore this plot twist!!!! :D


Based on these four frame, I’m going to have to agree that that’s clearly a cat… ;)


No cat tails work like that. Cat tails tend to be relaxed, wiggly, where as a dog has a few standard postions it can handle, the most wiggly of which is simply wagging the tail wildly.
That, my good/terrible person, is most certainly an adorable doggy.


Wiglaf should get something. I mean Mordred has Bliss (much to his displeasure) and Wiglaf has nothing. He lost his sword is still recovering form the broken bones besides Mordred will probably make him take care of the dog any way. (Also who says the apartment owners allow pets in the apartment)


the appartment owner puts up with both a garrott, and sentient plants, and multiple swords (camlann, guinivere). he’ll put up with a dog.


Teeheee Wiggy doesn’t need magical artifacts or pets. He is the embodiment of heroism. I bet he like his namesakes predecessor could probably SWIM THROUGH BOILING WATER or something. He’s too cool for weapons. The only signature those bad guys need are his fists.
And besides he has a best friend. :3
I’ll stop now haha.


*crawls out from under rock*

Hiya everyone! I’ve been a dedicated reader of WaM since July last year, but nothing could have prompted me to comment but the arrival of GRENDEL! Can’t wait to see Wiglaf and Driver’s faces when Mordred brings the dog home. 3:D Until then, I’ll be around!

*crawls back under rock*
*peeks out*

BTW, that is TOTALLY a dog.


Fancy meeting you here Professor McWoofawoof.
That’s his name. Whatever you name him he will always be Professor McWoofawoof in my mind now. Darn it. And actually only the last panel looks catlike when you actually look, I think it was just the silhouette on most of them. Looking at the lines I see doggie.
Also, the urge to draw Wiglaf puppy….


Ah, we finally get to see Mordred bring home a puppy! It should be funny to see how this shakes things up at the apartment. XD


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