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They’re All Looking Good

Ha ha ha ha. Been a while since I’ve had this many folks in one shot. XD

It’s all good~ But yes! The team’s all together. Now to get Camlann up from his nap and into action. ;D


And the art continues to improve! :-) Just lettin’ you know that we notice. ;-) Thanks for the comic!


Ah yes, Eclat and his, fanboying over Wiglaf. That only Ben can hear. xD

Fun fact,my spellcheck wanted to turn ‘fanboying’ into ‘fancying’.


Wait, whose abs is he talking about??


I obviously haven’t been getting enough sleep.


Naw you were right the first time, ‘Whose abs is he talking about?’ is right. ‘are he talking about’ reads weird.
And he’s talking about Wiglaf.

Ben: He keeps saying things about you, and they’re sort of embarrassing to listen to.’


‘Is’ is correct because ‘he’ is the subject of the sentence. The abs aren’t doing the talking.


Éclat is so aggressively gay. Like the super-aggressice straight guy who absolutely, 100% isn’t gay you guys, and feels the need to constantly prove it, only in reverse.


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