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They’re Both Mean

Oh hey, broke my strand of “Don’t” titles.

This arc still has no idea what it’s doing, but I like these two. We’ll get back to the mains….sometime? XD Maybe?

No time to talk. Reading. *reads*


Oh my god, Security’s face in the second panel, so smug and cheeky. I love it! Hahaha.

No time for lyrics tonight either, must be a good book.


Security is an Alchemist.

also maybe he’s going to turn Camlan into an actual magical artifact. (like grace and them)


OMG his eyes are open again!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! ! ! !! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !! !!!! !!


OH NO! The Squity are not allowed to open their eyes! *ducks for the shelter she made when Gin opened his eyes for the first time* O.O


Okay, I have to analyze this. It’s just what I /do/, and we’ve learned so much from this convo! Crazy theories ahead! (Potentially spoilery if I’m right? I guess?)

One, the most important revelation that Security uses science, not magic. Also, he used to be the Guardian, not Security. I don’t know what to do with that information yet. I want to focus on Malachi.

Malachi we know three things about. One, he’s probably immortal. (Gawain-zombie-type?) Two, he works for, with, or is in charge of, Vilhelm in this shadow organization that, presumably, created all these magically artifacts. (Not Camlann or [maybe] Gawain, but every other magicky thing here.)

Three, he’s scary. How do I know this? The threat of “calling him down here” was enough to make Security back off and apologize. He didn’t stop being a pain in the neck, but he wouldn’t be Security if he wasn’t a brat sometimes. Security can science his way out (that is a thing now) of any situation, as long as he’s conscious. Whatever Malachi is, he’s scary enough to scare the guy that cannot be caught.

Also, we learned a lot about Arthur, Vilhelm, and Security’s relationship, most notably that Vilhelm calls Arthur by his first name and Security calls him “Artie.” I don’t know what to do with that either, mostly because Arthur isn’t that active of a character.

So, in conclusion, Vilhelm is evil. Alright, that doesn’t necessarily follow, but I didn’t feel like restating the fact that he tied Camlann up, sewed his lips shut (not nice), probably helped create the artifacts (not nice, and probably not willingly judging from the not-quite-married-yet couple), and is planning to create more with probably one of the characters we have grown to love. (Better not be Mordred. Vilhelm, your son will kill you if you take Mordred. [Which is nice, because then I don't have to claim I will, which is just silly. {I have too much to do to go around killing off fictional characters.}])

So, I think that while the Garrott family is evil, they’re only minorly evil. Arthur is probably a force to be reckoned with, but he doesn’t seem to care what happens anymore. The real villain here is the shadow organization who’s been creating these artifacts and is still creating them. I’m really interested to see where this goes.


Wow. I didn’t realize how long that was till I posted it. Sorry. >_> *hides*


Have you ever considered a career in critical review? You’d make an excellent Dread Reviewer Tangents. =^-^=


I like how you analyze everything. It’s really neat to read and throws a lot of theories around… I agree with Tangentsreviews… you’d make a great critical reviewer. o.o


*giggle* Actually…

I am an editor/proofreader whose skills are available for hire. :D

Also, props for the Princess Bride quote. :D


Oh dude. I just realized you two are the same person. XD *smacks self in head*


Totally not your fault- I’m not helping matters at all by using the name Jerenda here and The Wordsmith over there. I claim I’m trying to synchronize my Wordsmith identities- having the Jerenda identity is the opposite of help. :P

*changes link in her name to help*


It will be interesting to know more about Malachi and learn what makes him so important. He must be a heavyweight character if it’s considered an extreme measure to call on him.

Security and Vilhelm have funny expressions throughout. And it’s great how Security just loses interest in the whole conversation as soon as Vilhelm stops disagreeing with him. XD


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