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They’re Concerned

Poor Artifacts. This whole mission is about them and they’re being ignored!


This is the last strip for a couple weeks. Some stuff came up in the beginning of July that meant I had to take a tiny break from my comics. Hate to do it, but alternatives didn’t work out. Sorry guys! I’ll let you know the exact date that strips will start posting again as soon as I know! (And strips will start posting to Patreon first as well–they still get the strips one week early.) THANKS!

EDIT: All back! The newest WaM strip is now up on Patreon for the $1+ donators, and it’ll be posted live here on the 22nd! Thanks!


Hey Liliy! I’m still around the 300′s but I’m skipping ahead to tell you that I’ve added The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred to Goodreads (


Hi liliy! Casual question, but I remember you saying you were really into fan fiction. Have you checked out Archive of Our Own? I find its got higher standards and better quality than

Im also curious if youre still into RvB? I just spent a week watching the entire series and loving it. Especially York, North, and Wash. And, of course, Caboose. Because who doesn’t love Caboose


Yup, I do have an account on AO3. I like to browse both, honestly. XD

I still enjoy RvB, though I haven’t caught up with the latest seasons yet. :3


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