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They’re Tired of Repeating It

Ahh….too many fonts. XD

White Collar is awesome. New Obsession? Located. Aaah, yeah.

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“Separate Ways” by Journey


Wow. The set of magic artifacts can only interact with each other and their users and not with anyone else including other magical artifacts.

Whomever made that set is one hella of a bastard.


It’s not that they can’t interact, it’s just that, all of the ones from Bliss’s set(which includes Grace and two other unseen swords) have a spirit type entity attached to the artefact that can only be seen by the owner(The owners maybe able to see the spirits of the other magical artefacts as well, I don’t know) and the other spirits-so Grace can see Bliss and visa versa.

Camlann, while magical, has no such spirit attached, he just is magical and talks, therefor cannot see or hear Bliss, much like everyone else and does not have a spirit form that she can see-referring to her comment of “He come out”. So Bliss and Camlann cannot interact as she is a spirit type being bound to the orb and Camlann is simply magical, plain and simple.

Though you are right, whoever created a set of magical objects that can only be sen by their masters is indeed a bastard in that regard.


It’s like a djinn in a way. You get a cool item with magic powers, but it slowly, (or speedily in Az’s case) drives you crazy. So yes, Bliss and Grace’s creator is a Bass turd.


She looks so… panicked! Hasn’t she realized before now that others can’t hear her? Can she really be THAT oblivious? Or maybe it turns out the only way to get rid of her is some kind of memory wipe, which could explain brain damage…

Oh, and White Collar is awesome. Hooray for crime-solving buddy movies (shows) and slick operators!


I think she is that oblivious, mainly because I don’t think she realizes that Camlann can’t hear her. She’s just panicked because she thinks he doesn’t like her.


maybe not, I think she’s used to people with legs and is made of blood and bones cant see or hear her -except for her master mordred of course-

but seeing other magical artifact that cant see or hear her is a new experience :P

or so I’d like to think


OhMyGoodness White Collar yes! Why isn’t there already more of it?

I’m sure Bliss would love Neil Caffrey. And he’d probably get along with her just fine. They could find stylish suits together.


You know, I just realised this, but does Mordred play videogames? You can manage to be the ultimate villian as long as you don’t help people in them. Like Fable or Fallout.



And I wish I could watch White Collar more, and possibly the first episode. >.> I saw the second and a few other later ones, but not the first. And I can’t watch that channel here. D:
It was so amazing and got me addicted to something I cannot have as well as I’d like…


White Collar, YES! Niel is amazing.

I wonder…about Camlann, I mean…it reminds me of the magic talking sword in ‘Last Fantasy’. There was this ritual that would create the most powerful magic sword EVER, but one of the slaves working on the ritual fell into the magic pool instead of the sacred virgin they were planning to use for the ritual. So they got their magic sword, but instead of a beautiful kind woman’s voice, it had the voice of a slave who suddenly realized he was now an all-powerful magical sword. From then on, he never shut up about it. It just kinda reminds me of Camlann.


Thought fragments: Bliss the moth? Bliss and Camlann baseball? Lancelot+Magic+Plants=Catastrophe. This=conversation(first, civilized, Camlann); Is Bliss hurt or bewildered?

*Is too tired to properly format a comment right now.*


I notice that a couple of my fellow commenters like Neal Caffrey — which is fine, as he is an interesting character. That said, I’d like to put in a good word for Tim DeKay’s Peter Burke. After all, it’s usually the Straight Man that makes the Funny Guy look good. And, yes, “White Collar” is, along with “Burn Notice” and “Royal Pains”, one of the better shows on USA Network. :]


Camlann’s panic over the orb is very funny, and I like how the depowered orb tries to clink against him as Bliss attempts to meet a spirit inside Camlann. XD And it’s very funny imagining Mordred and Driver in a bunch of failed bank robberies. XD


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